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3 Things that make Body By Drake highly effective

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3 Things that make Body By Drake highly effective

3 Things that make Body By Drake highly effective

Highly effective in what exactly?

Highly effective in building muscle and strength.
Highly effective in breaking down old beliefs and establishing new ones.
Highly effective in providing you with the best environment to become the strongest version of yourself.

Here at Body By Drake we don't believe that a trainer is just a trainer, or a gym is just a gym, or your goals are JUST your goals. We believe as coaches, we have the power to turn someone's day around.

We believe that a gym is not just a box with equipment. It's a place where people come to work on themselves to become stronger human beings. Not only physically, but mentally and spiritually.

We believe your goals are the key to success in many different facets of your life. You will see in the very first Drake session that the respect, strength, love, and energy is abundant.

Here are some things at Body By Drake that we do to create the best environment for our team:


1.) We offer Mindset and Accountability Coaching - If there's one thing that makes a person ready to reach a goal - it's the right mindset. Every great thing was created in the mind first. Beginning a health and fitness journey without the belief of you reaching your goal should be a road less traveled, in order to do big things. The mind has to be trained as well. This is a major clinch pin for Team Drake's success because it provides the support you need outside the gym in order to stay on track. We can feel like Zeus or Athena when we are in the gym, but outside (work, life, family) can be different story. The outside stressors of life set in and we don't always know how to react. Our coaches will check in with you and not only set up physical goals for your journey, but mental goals as well. That way your body and mind will be equally strong and you will be ready to take on whatever life throws at you. 

2.) We Assess Each Client's Progress Individually - We developed a system where we can provide high energy, yet intimate small group workouts and still track everyones progress individually. This is done by having each client come in quarterly (every 3 months) for a 1 on 1 assessment of Strength and Endurance. Our first assessment takes place before your first group workout so we can gauge what actions need to be taken in order to reach your goal and get it on a more structured time frame. Once we have your stats on record, we now establish a baseline of your progress and can gauge your progress every quarter to make sure you are going in the right direction. Nothing is more motivating than seeing and feeling results. 

3.) Our Groups are Small - Here at Body By Drake we keep our groups to a 5 person max for a number of reasons. The major reason being is that people will receive the attention and instruction they need when starting out. The more people in a group, the less attention they receive. We provide a service that allows you to master exercises so chances of injury are minimized. People love small group settings because it also gives much more variety in the equipment being used and not confined to a space. When groups are small it opens up the ability to use all the equipment the gym has to offer. We use machines, cables, free weights, treadmills, turf, etc. This is important because of how well it transfers over when clients are making this a lifetime habit. When they walk into the gym on their own, they know how to use all the equipment and are not intimidated by anything because they've used it all! Another reason we chose to keep groups small is that it provides an intimate, motivating environment. It can be very motivating to workout with a group of people with similar fitness goals and different experience levels. My personal training sessions have had great outcomes when my training partner was a bit stronger than me. That training buddy kept me hungry to become stronger than them. That's one of the main reasons Body by Drake incorporated small groups into our system. Having someone there helps with accountability and motivation, as well as providing that stress relief through social interactions. 


If this sounds like something that would benefit your health and fitness journey. Please schedule your first FREE assessment today by filling ou the form on the homepage of the website. 


As Always,

With Love and Strength

- Coach Drake and Coach Monica

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