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Have You Seen These Meat Prices?!? 3 Vegan Protein Combos That Won't Compromise Your Gains

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3 Vegan Protein Combos That Won't Compromise Your Gains


Have you seen these meat prices?! It's 2022 and we are getting hit from every angle financially. Taxes, labor, material, gas and groceries are all up. The prices of Whey Protein, Chicken, Eggs, Fish, and Beef are at an all time high. We want to get in shape, but do we want to go broke as a result of it? Hell No. What should someone do if their diet requires them to eat a gram of protein per lb. of body weight in this economic squeeze? 

Luckily, we are going through a high inflation period in 2022, and not 1987. Today we have much more options when it comes to getting whole protein vegan sources. Soy protein powders almost have as much bioavailability as whey protein powders. Edamame, Tofu and Tempeh are all great choices when finding a meat substitute. When choosing a vegan source of protein it's important that we choose sources that have the complete amino acid profile. Which means they have the 9 essential amino acids that can't be synthesized in the body. Our bodies need them because we can't make them. We need complete proteins to reap the benefits of eating protein. Here are some of my favorite vegan protein combos that deliver whole protein and won't compromise your wallet, or gains. 


1.) Tofu + Edamame + Quinoa - 3oz of Tofu is 16 grams of protein, 3oz of Edamame is 10 grams of protein, 1 Cup of Quinoa is 8 grams of protein. Take all 3 of these and not only do you have a high volume of nutritious food, but you also get 34 grams of protein. The way I like to prepare this dish is heat up a pan with a light spray of Pam, then dice up the tofu into small cubes. Toss the edamame, quinoa, and tofu in all together and cook it like a stir fry. You can also add other veggies in such as bell peppers, carrots, onions, etc to enhance your flavor. You can season any way you want. Personally, I like to stay simple. Sea salt, garlic powder, chili powder, and a little bit of paprika will give you all the flavor you need. I've also used soy sauce and honey mustard when I'm in more of a Chinese-style food mood. 


2.) Soy Protein Powder + Oatmeal + PB2 - I literally eat protein powder and oatmeal everyday. Sometimes, a couple times day, but for good reason. Because it's quick, easy to make, tastes so damn good, and provides complete protein. Not to mention you can come up with an endless amount of combinations for this dish. 1 scoop of protein, 1 cup of oats, and 2 Tablespoons of PB2 provides 40 grams of protein. I'm a peanut butter lover and I find myself keep coming back to this combo. Chocolate peanut butter soy protein, PB2, oatmeal; mixed together. Satisfy those peanut butter cravings with this one and watch the muscle pile on. 

3.) Brown Rice + Black Beans - The holy grail of vegan protein. It's filling, it's cheap, it's a staple in many different cultures, and it delivers on taste. I'd recommend using brown rice instead of white rice because brown rice has double the amount of Iron than white rice. If we are not eating a lot of meat, iron is a mineral that we might be missing out on. Our body's need iron for growth and development. 1 Cup of Brown Rice and 1 Cup of Black Beans delivers 21 grams of high quality protein. I prepare this much like fajita or stir fry. Heat up a pan with light spray of Pam. Throw in diced bell peppers, onions, and cilantro. Season with taco seasoning and add it to a bed of romaine lettuce so you get a nice flavorful crunch with each bite. 


Don't let the inflation deflate those muscle. Next time life hands you lemons, make vegan lemonade!


As Always,

With Love and Strength,

- Coach Drake


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