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5 Way to Make Cardio SUCK LESS

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I can't think of more hated 6 letter word in the U.S. Dictionary. (Dentist is 7 letters. I checked.) The dread behind the tread is real. Cardio is a necessary evil for many, but does it have to be? What if cardio could actually become something you looked forward to? Cardio has the potential to strengthen relationships, learn new skills, and strengthen you as a person. Not to mention it's also really healthy for your heart. Lots of us love lifting weights and our time is spread so thin as adults that the thought of adding in additional time at the gym doesn't seem feasible. We have to treat cardio much like when we give a pet some medicine. We have to wrap it up in something we do like, so we don't notice the thing we don't like. I bet everyone reading this has given at least one pill to their pet wrapped up in peanut butter. Here are some ways we can wrap that treadmill in peanut butter.


1.) Turn Netflix and Chill into Netflix and Walk - I heard it so many times. "I don't have time for cardio" and then 15 minutes later, I'm talking to that same person about Squid Games. The time you spend watching your favorite shows could easily become the time you do your cardio. No one is asking you to walk for 2 hours through a Breaking Bad marathon, but you could easily turn on an episode, knock out 30 mins on the treadmill and then chill the rest of the night. 

2.) Learn a New Skill - We all have a bucket list, filled with various things we'd like to accomplish, but yet we all have such limited time as adults. Personally, when I was building my business, my coach kept sending me videos to watch on how I could master my skill as a business owner. At that time, I was teaching 40 classes a week, doing all my own social media, setting up all my own appointments, and doing every assessment. On top of that, I also had a house and cats to take care of, my own food to prep, and get my own workouts in. The idea of putting anymore responsibilites on top of that pile did not seem possible. Until I realized that I could listen to the videos through my headphones at the gym. Everyday for 30 mins I'd knock out a video at the gym. I was strengthening my heart while simultaneously strengthening my business skills. I didn't have to sacrifice my health for business and neither should you. So whether you want to learn a new language, skill, or trade, there's thousands of youtube videos, podcasts and courses out there and they could all get done while you take care of your health.

3.) Buddy Up - Has anyone been at the gym and bumped into a friend while on treadmill? I remember seeing an old college buddy exit the locker room while I was on an elliptical. Our eyes lit up when we first saw each other and before you know it, I had 25 mins cleared while I was shooting the shit. Having a person there to talk with while doing cardio makes it much more enjoyable and therapeutic. Your endorphins are burning and you feel like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders because you got to chat with a close friend. Walking can also provide quality time spent with loved ones and family members. Next time you find yourself sitting around the house, grab a spouse, and go for a walk. A walk outside during nice weather could be just the thing to let some sparks fly. 

4.) Go Outside - For some watching TV in front of treadmill is not a choice because we a don't have a treadmill right in the middle of the living room. Not to worry. There was this cool thing invented a long time ago called "Going Outside". It's this really interesting concept where people exit their house and do activities outside. Shocking right? With everyone in Amazon mode these days, it's hard to remember that we actually used to do stuff outside. Walking, Riding Bikes, Canoeing, Tennis, Basketball, Soccer, Frisbee are all amazing forms of cardio that can be done with others and stimulate the brain so much that it makes it difficult to realize that you are even doing cardio. Toss the pigskin around with some of the boys or go on a nice hike with your wife. You are going to soak up a lot more Vitamin D from the sun. Which will pay off when seasons change. While everyone is getting the flu, you are holding it down because your immune system is strong from being outside. 


5.) Turn Fido into Fit-to - Has anyone noticed that healthy active people have healthy active pets? Have you ever seen an obese dog and then looked to the side only to see a more obese owner right next to them. It breaks my heart. That pooch wants to go outside and explore. Your pets need stimulation. Stop giving them treats as way a to coax them from wanting to go outside. Instead, put away all the treats. The ones for you and the dog. Grab the leash and head outside to get healthier with man's best friend. For the singles out there - dog park is WAY better place to meet people than a bar. Trust me.



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