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5 Supplements Worth Buying

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5 Supplements Worth Buying


Let's cut the bull. That last fat burner you bought...the only thing it burned was a hole in your wallet. I could go all day. That test booster that claimed to give you gains in 14 days was just a test to see how long you could lie to yourself. These products don't work. It's not your fault for falling for it. Everyone does it to some degree when starting their quest. We want to find out for ourselves on what works and what doesn't. This blog was written to save you a lot of money and time before you go down the magical road of sports supplements. I'm not sponsored by any supplement companies and I have nothing to sell you. I'm much like you. A stubborn man who doesn't listen much and tries everything out for himself before passing judgements. Here are 5 supplements that have been tested and approved. 


1.) Multi-Vitamin - Before starting anywhere else, make sure you have the basics covered. Are you getting enough vitamins from food? Since lots of adults avoid vegetables like the plague, but still want to make gains in the gym, then there is a good chance you are not getting all the essential vitamins your body needs in order to operate at 100%. Let this go on long enough and your body will start becoming vitamin deficient. Being vitamin deficient for too long in any of the essential vitamins can lead to serious health problems. There's a reason we took our Flinestone vitamins as kids. Our bodies needed those vitamins to grow and develop  properly. The same is true for adults. If we want to grow older without facing serious health issues, a multivitamin is a great place to start. I'd recommend a multivitamin with digestive enzymes.

2.) Protein Powder - If an adult has trouble getting enough vitamins, I'd make a safe bet that they also have trouble getting in the their daily protein. It makes sense. Protein and veggies don't really hit that pleasure-reward zone in the brain when you eat them. I've never seen anybody look at a piece of chicken like they do with a piece of cake. Just because you like tacos does not mean you like protein either. Lots of protein choices out there are layered in fats and carbs to enhance the flavor. Which leaves them not being the leanest source of protein. Protein powder is beneficial because it adds lean protein to your diet without you having to dress it up in carbs and fat. It's easy to digest and can made in a variety of ways. Whether it be whey, beef, soy, pea, or hemp protein, find a protein powder that works for you. It should taste good and digest well. One of my favorite meals is protein powder mixed with oatmeal. It provides my protein requirements and long lasting energy throughout the day without any crash. 

3.) Fish Oil - Fish Oil is important in the arsenal because of how well it compliments the average diet. Fish oil should be treated like the oil you put in your car. You might not need the fanciest schmanciest oil in your car, but you at least don't want to go with the cheapest option. Cheap products are cheap for a reason. It's because they suck and they need to hide behind a low price tag. Go with a moderately priced fish oil. Fish oil compliments an average diet well because an average diet does not contain a lot of foods with Omega 3 fatty acids. Unless you are eating the mediterranean diet. A lot of us are getting our fats from red meats, nuts, and processed foods. These foods contain a lot of Omega 6 and 9 Fatty acids. In order for your blood to be "happy" it must contain a healthy balance of Omega 3, 6, and 9's. That healthy balance will help avoid your blood from getting sticky - leading to plaque build in your arteries. Stick to a good fish oil to avoid sticky blood. 

4.) Creatine - After covering the basics - vitamins, proteins, fats - let's dive into actual sports supplementation. The king of all sports supplements is creatine. Why? Because it's been tested and approved. This is one supplement that delivers on its promises. (As long as you drink enough water daily.) It works by allowing your muscle cells to retain more water. The more space in your cells, the more amino acids it can carry. The more amino acids your cells can carry, the more amino acids it has for muscle growth. Not to mention, creatine also has proven cognitive benefits. If you don't drink enough water, creatine will not work and will dehydrate your body even more. Make sure to drink least 1 gallon of water per day when taking creatine. Avoid any other creatine besides creatine monohydrate. All other forms are more expensive and don't work better.  

5.) Organ Protection - I'd recommend getting an organ protection supplement if vitality and longevity are the goal. The multivitamin is only going to stretch so far. Even when systems are operating properly; they still get tired and need rejuvenation. That's why it's important to get a supplement that aids the function your brain heart, liver, kidneys, and prostate. I'd look for a product that contains COQ10, Cranberry Extract, Saw Palmetto, and Milk Thistle. Avoid proprietary blends. Choose a product that will show you the amount of each ingredient so you know you are getting an effective dose. 



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