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The Sugar Werewolf. 3 Ways to Combat Late Night Snacking

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The Sugar Werewolf


Have you ever considered that the people out there claiming not to be "breakfast people" are just people who are eating too much before bed? I can confidently think so because I've been on both ends of the spectrum and so have many of my clients. They claim "I don't eat that much", when that is really part of the problem. They wake up, not hungry because they had 2 bowls of ice cream and some cookies last night to reward themselves after a hard day of work. They fast until lunch and then typically have something small depending on how busy they are. 5pm rolls around, they are home from work, and the stomach starts growling. Dinner is almost ready. They have been moving around all day so by the time dinner hits the table; they worked themselves up a massive appetite. Wifey made her famous shrimp angel hair pasta! Balanced and nutritious, but it can only hold us over for so long. The cycle begins...

The cycle of the sugar wolf's moon starts at around 8pm and can go til 11pm. This is the period after dinner. Where you are reflecting on your day. Thinking about how hard you work and how you don't get enough satisfaction. Feeling the need to be rewarded with something sweet for all your efforts. Plus "you haven't eaten all day", so how bad could it be? The first bowl of ice cream goes down fast. A little bit too fast. Not feeling satisfied; you go in for the next. Upon closing the freezer door, you catch glimpse of that sleeve of Oreos that need your attention. The pupils start to dilate, mouth is salivating, and the thirst for sugar overpowers the mind. The sugar werewolf is in its final form and a blackout ensues. 


Wakes up the next morning on the LAY-Z-BOY in front of the T.V. with chocolate ring around the mouth, a lap full of crumbs, and the kitchen has been torn to shreds.

If there was only a way to fight this beast!


3 Way's to Kill The Sugar Werewolf 


1.) INSTALL A MIRROR IN YOUR KITCHEN - One thing a sugar werewolf hates is the reflection of themselves as they decapitate the snacks. Install a mirror on the inside of the kitchen cabinets and in front of fridge. 

2.) BRUSH YOUR FANGS BEFORE BED - Once the fangs have been brushed and cleaned, the werewolf is less likely to be inclined to dirty them up again with food and treats.

3.) PLEASURE AND REWARD - The werewolf seeks sugar as a source of rewarding themselves. They must find something new to reward themselves with that does not involve food. This will create a new pathway for the brain to follow when the night falls. I'd recommend something funny like stand up comedy or a podcast. Your brain will soon connect with laughter as a reward for your hard day's work and not sugar. 


The good things about these tips is that they work for the entire werewolf family. The Wine Werewolf, The Savory Werewolf, and the Beer Werewolf.


If you struggle with this issue. Give these a try and become the wolf you were meant to be! 


Always here to help,


With Love and Strength


-Coach Drake

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