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4 Meal Prep Hacks You Need To Be Doing!

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4 Meal Prep Hacks You NEED To Be Doing


Meal Prep is a skill, science,  and a way of life. Learning how to exercise is complicating enough. When you pile on learning how to meal prep; it can feel like learning 2 languages at once. This can be the reason why a lot of people out there quit time and time again. Learning new skills and behaviors can be overwhelming; let alone trying to learn multiple new skills at once. Not to fear! Coach Drake is here! I'm going to give you some time and energy savers for your meal prep so it can be a more enjoyable experience.


1.) Pack Frozen Veggies - Instead of cooking your veggies and then packing them. I advise you to buy your veggies frozen and pack those instead. When you cook your veggies, they cool down, and then you reheat them again in the microwave; It can really diminish the texture and flavor of your veggies. Think of it like anything else. Does a steak taste better freshly cooked? Or would it taste better when it's been cooked, stored, and reheated? I think the choice is obvious and the same goes for veggies. When you buy your veggies frozen and pack them. They thaw out during the time between breakfast and lunch. By the time you get to lunch; that broccoli is thawed out and ready to eat. You will taste the difference. Your veggies will be fresh, crisp, refreshing instead of mushy and bland. 

2.) Utensils - If I had a quarter for every time I forgot my silverware at home, I wouldn't be a personal trainer! To avoid this snafu; next time you are at the mall, grocery store, or a food establishment. Look for those plastic sleeves that come with a plastic, fork, knife, and napkin. Grab a handful and put those in your lunch bag for the next time you forget your utensils. Don't be the guy whose eating oatmeal with his bear hands. 

3.) Death Breath - Bad breath is a deal breaker in almost any situation. If one trainer is minty fresh and the other trainer is belting out left over tilapia. Who are you going to train with? That's what I thought. The same goes for dating, job interviews, friendships, etc. Meat takes the most to time break down in chewing. That means meat has a way higher chance getting stuck in your teeth. When meat gets caught in your teeth and sits there. It does the same thing as any other meat left out. It starts to stink...real bad. You can fix this problem by carrying some floss pickers and gum in your lunch bag. Floss between your teeth after every meal to avoid death breath. 

4.) Kitchen Clean Up - Everyone stresses over meal prep, but they don't realize that's the fun part. The sucky part is all the dishes and containers! Even if you do have a dish washer; it's still a lot. A good way to combat this mess is to knock out some dishes in the time you have during the microwave heating, the air fryer cooking, and the pan heating up. You will be surprised in what you can do in 90 seconds.  Take full advantage of all the little pockets of time you have in the kitchen and that big pile of dishes at the end of the day will no longer be a problem. 


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