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3 Ways to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

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3 Ways to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain


          Studies have shown that Americans gain on average 8 lbs from Thanksgiving to New Years. Sure it's easy to hide under your ugly Christmas sweaters and winter jackets, but what good ever came from hiding from the truth? Whether it's during the holidays or not. It's always best to confront truth and take action as soon as possible. Here are some tried and true ways to combat the holiday weight gain so you won't have to do so much damage control when it gets warmer. 


1.) This or That - If Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner were the only things happening over the holiday, we wouldn't be having this discussion. It's the work parties, pot lucks, white elephant parties, friendsgivings, and the list goes on. One sure way to avoid holiday weight gain is to choose whether you are going to indulge in food or drinks at the parties, but never both. This way you get to see your friends and family, be social, and not feel left out. Mixing alcohol together with sweets and dense foods is probably the best way to gain weight if there was one. Avoiding 1 and doing the other will save you thousands of calories and keep that waistline in check. 

2.) 1 Plate Rule - No one likes going to holiday parties and not being able to indulge a little bit. Tis the season! This tip will help you enjoy all the great foods the holidays have to offer while still keeping your portions in check. I call it the 1 plate rule. I always hated walking around the party with a cup of water; explaining to everyone that you are on a diet, then explaining why you are on diet. Sometimes all the attention you draw to yourself when trying to reach a goal can be discouraging. Everyone around wants you to indulge so they don't feel so bad about their choices. Everyone wins with the 1 plate rule. What you want to do at your next party is grab 1 plate and you can fill it up with whatever your heart desires. The catch is that once all the food is eaten; no going back for seconds. This will help you prioritize which foods you really want to eat and avoid mindless snacking. No one will even know you are on a diet and you won't have explain yourself to everyone at the party. Win Win! 

3.) Walk it Off - Walking helps burn calories, releases endorphins, and aids digestion. Being active also gives mental momentum forward into your next good decision which could result in you not overeating. A great way to combat excess holiday calories is going on a 10-20 min walk before of after a big meal. Getting up and doing a Irish Good Bye might not jive with he rest of your guests so the best way around this is to include them! While Thanksgiving dinner is getting cooked. Instead of sitting around with all your relatives, invite them outside for a nice walk. This will give you guys some fresh air and quality bonding time. If you are at a friends party; state that you are just going to the corner store to pick up some fixins and ask anybody if they need anything. If you are getting ubered to a party, ask the driver to drop you off a few blocks away so you can get a nice walk in before you get there and nonone will even know! 


Try these 3 tips this holiday and feel the difference!


Love and Strength - Coach Drake


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