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3 Ways to Prepare For Your New Years Resolutions

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 3 Ways to Prepare for your New Years Resolutions


2023 is upon us and we want to help you hit the ground running. Going in well prepared is guaranteed to help the success rate of your goals. Think about your first week of school. You would't go to your first week of classes without paper, pencils, and books. If you did; it would dramatically change your learning experience. Coming in ill prepared can make you feel cast out, disadvantaged, and unmotivated. School is a lot like taking care of your health. Both of them are investments. The school has the power to help get you high valued skills that will make you a successful person. The gym has the power to help you become mentally and physically stronger. You must being willing to invest your time and money to become a better version of yourself. You endeavors can be fun and challenging, but they will not easy. You must be willing to push through and fight. So what sense does it make going into a fight empty handed? These tips will help you take on the world to become the strongest version of yourself. 


1.) Gym Membership - Before your fitness journey starts; you must find the right environment for you. You want to find a place that you find accommodating, convenient, motivating, and accepting. Start 2 weeks before New Years. Any gym owner or trainer would be happy to meet you at the gym to give a tour. Based off this tour you want to gather information and do a vibe check. Ask yourself. Is this the right place for me? You should feel welcomed and motivated. If your feel overly intimidated and out of place. It might not be the best place for you to start. I also recommend an actual gym, not a home gym to start of with. And for good reason. Turning off the TV, tying your shoes, and driving to the gym is teaching you discipline and accountability. In my experience with new comers; home gyms do not provide the structure needed at first for you to be successful. Gyms also provide a level of motivation and community that home gyms do not provide. Build your habit in the gym first. Once your habit is formed and your are accountable; then I would consider a home gym. Plus a gym membership is $80 a month tops. That beats pouring thousands into a home gym that you might not want in a year. 


2.) Throw It Out - The physical appearance aspect of your goals is mainly going to depend on your diet. Seeing physical results is a big motivator for you to keep going. Especially on the days where you don't feel like going. If you don't pay any attention to eating better; the chances of success on your fitness journey are limited. Cooking and meal prepping is a skill that has to be learned and practiced. The best first step to get started on eating healthy is taking all the foods out of your kitchen that are holding you back. This doesn't mean you will never eat your favorite treats again. This stops you from having such easy access to them. You will be shocked in how much progress you can get by simply not snacking as much and not having easy access to fattening foods. If you want to treat yourself; you will have to get in your car and go buy them separately from your normal grocery store trips. You will be surprised in how much less you eat when you don't have such easy access. 


3.) Tupperware - Cooking and Meal Prepping is skill that is finely tuned over time. It's not something that will happen over night. A great first step to this lifestyle change is planning and preparing what meals you will eat the next day.Go out and buy Tupperware so you have easy storage. Sandwich for lunch? Great. Prepare it the morning or night before and take with you to work. Left Overs for Lunch? Great. Prepare the portion you want and take it with you the next day. This will prime your brain to getting foods prepared and planned. After a few weeks of preparing your lunches; you will be ready to take it to the next step. Preparing a lunch will save you thousands of calories and break your habit of finding something quick, easy, and fattening. 


Still don't know where to start? Lucky for you. Every member on Team Drake gets help with diet and accountability from Coach Drake. We provide fun, challenging workouts to beginners in a motivating environment. We strive to make sure every member on the team is given a clear path to success. Fill out the form on the website to get started and I hope to see you on the other side. Let's Crush 2023 together as a team!


Love and Strength


- Coach Drake

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