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  • 3 Things You Can Do To Stop Cardio from Killing Your Gains

    3 Things You Can Do To Stop Cardio from Killing Your Gains

    3 Things You Can Do To Stop Cardio from Killing Your Gains Will cardio affect my gains? When a fitness professional hears a question like this, it's very hard to give one answer because there is other variables at play. How much cardio, what type of cardio, what is the primary goal, the current weight/age/height of the person, how much gym experience they have, and what type of diet they are on are all variables that could affect the outcome of this question. For quick and easy answers. It's best to refer to generalities for general questions and not use specific circumstances. Has cardio affected muscle gains in the past for some people? Yes, but more than likely it stemmed from ....

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  • 3 Reasons You Aren't Making Gains

    3 Reasons You Aren't Making Gains

    3 Reasons Why You Aren't Making Gains You got bit by the fitness bug. Your first year of lifting weights has been life changing. You've been watching your body change month to month and it's been fuel to keep pushing you forward. Woefully I have to inform you that the first year of magical gains does not go on forever. Every year it gets harder and harder to make strength gains and put on muscle. I'm not here to discuss which training style is best because I'll let you in on a little secret...all training styles work...up until a certain point. Then it's the job of the athlete to recognize when a program has plateaued and how are they are going to change it. I'm here to discuss some ....

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  • 4 Ways to Determine Quality Fish Oil

    4 Ways to Determine a Quality Fish Oil We've all whizzed past the vitamin aisle at Aldi's and seen something like 2 bottles of 180 capsule Fish Oil for 5.99! Some you might think "Fish Oil!?! That's healthy and it's a great deal". While some of us have trust issues because we've been burnt before. I'm no different and I've been burnt enough times to know better. I can't help but think "How can this company afford to manufacture, package, label, and ship their product for only $3.99 a bottle?" The answer is the obvious one. Does this company care so much about the health and well being of the planet that they are willing to run their company of razor tight margins? OR... Are they using ....

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  • 3 Things You MUST Have For Successful Meal Prep

    3 Things You MUST Have for Successful Meal Prep Many of you have tried the "if it fits your macros", calorie counting, intermittent fasting, or keto approach to dieting and few have had great success. I'm a big advocate of doing any style of dieting as long as it works for your lifestyle, keeps you healthy, and helps reach your goals. Many of you trying these diets have experienced pitfalls because they lack structure. Preparation is a necessity for structure. Structure is a necessity for consistency. Consistency is a necessity for success. Which is why these diets fail for so many. Telling someone to track foods until they hit a certain number or calories can be counter intuitive ....

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  • The Sugar Werewolf. 3 Ways to Combat Late Night Snacking

    The Sugar Werewolf Have you ever considered that the people out there claiming not to be "breakfast people" are just people who are eating too much before bed? I can confidently think so because I've been on both ends of the spectrum and so have many of my clients. They claim "I don't eat that much". When that is really part of the problem. They wake up, not hungry because they had 2 bowls of ice cream and some cookies last night to reward them selves after a hard day of work. They fast until lunch and then typically have something small depending on how busy they are. 5pm rolls around, they are home from work, and the stomach starts growling. Supper is almost ready. You have been ....

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  • 5 Supplements Worth Buying

    5 Supplements Worth Buying Let's cut the bull. That last fat burner you bought. The only thing it burnt; was a hole in your wallet. I could go all day. That test booster that claimed to give you gains in 14 days was just a test to see how long you could lie to yourself. These products don't work. It's not your fault for falling for it. Everyone does it to some degree when starting their quest. We want to find out for ourselves on what works and what doesn't. This blog was wrote to save you a lot of money and time before you go down the magical road of sports supplements. I'm not sponsored by any supplement companies and I have nothing to sell you. I'm much like you. A stubborn man who ....

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  • 5 Way to Make Cardio SUCK LESS

    5 WAYS TO MAKE CARDIO SUCK LESS I can't think of more hated 6 letter word in the U.S. Dictionary. (Dentist is 7 letters. I checked.) The dread behind the tread is real. Cardio is a necessary evil for many, but does it have to be? What if cardio could actually become something you look forward to? Cardio has the potential to strengthen relationships, learn new skills, and strengthen you as a person. Not to mention it's also really healthy for your heart. Lot's of us love lifting weights and our time is spread so thin as adults that the thought of adding in additional time at the gym doesn't seem feasible. We have to treat cardio much like when we give a pet some medicine. We have to wrap ....

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  • The Working Man's Protein Shake

    The Working Man's Protein Shake Watch Video Here! It's 5:53am. You just woke up. You have to be at work at 7 and still have to shit, shower, shave. Who has time for breakfast or even has a big appetite in the morning these days? Adult mornings can be chaotic. Kid's have to get ready for school, their lunches have to be made, and you have no time for second guesses. You need a quick breakfast that's going to get you fired up for the day. Something that will leave you feeling satisfied so you don't have to go pick up those doughnuts and coffee at Dunkin when you are already 10 minutes late for work. Some of you don't even eat a breakfast; causing you to overeat at lunch at some fast ....

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  • Have You Seen These Meat Prices?!? 3 Vegan Protein Combos That Won't Compromise Your Gains

    3 Vegan Protein Combos That Won't Compromise Your Gains Have you seen these meat prices?! It's 2022 and we are getting hit from every angle financially. Taxes, labor, material, gas and groceries are all up. The prices of Whey Protein, Chicken, Eggs, Fish, and Beef are all up at an all time high. We want to get in shape, but do we want to go broke from it? Hell No. What should someone do if their diet requires them to eat a lb. of protein per lb. of body weight in this economic squeeze? Luckily, we are going through a high inflation period in 2022, and not 1987. Today we have much more options when it comes to getting whole protein vegan sources. Soy protein powders almost have as ....

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  • 5 Ways to Stay Social and Stay on Track

    5 Ways to Stay Social and Stay on Track The need for being social is human nature. Being social gives us cherished memories, makes new connections, and establishes stronger bonds. It's easy to understand that when a person has to stop being social; They feel depressed, less of a reason to live, irritable, and aggressive. I think we all experienced our fair share of this during the lockdowns. One could say that being cast away from others is a reason for this behavior. What happens when your diet requires the same from you? You can't go anywhere because restaurants don't fit your macros, you can't drink alcohol on your diet, or can't do anything too active because your body is in a ....

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